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Appalachian Therapeutic Riding Center 


Silver Saddles Sessions

 ATRC will offer a riding class, the Silver Saddles Program, for able-bodied people over age 55. You do not need to have prior experience with horses to join this group.  Silver Saddles gives first-time and “used to ride years ago” riders a chance to groom, tack, learn basic horsemanship in a relaxed social environment that will be therapeutic in nature.   Each rider can set their personal goals along with the help of a certified therapeutic riding instructor.

Literacy Sessions

ATRC offers sessions focused on reading and literacy to students in Yancey County. Currently partnering with South Toe Elementary School children have reading skills reinforced by participating in riding and barn lessons designed to support the lessons in the classroom. This program is supported by the Yancey Fund.

ATRC Summer Camps

This year ATRC is hosting summer camps for many different groups. These range from children with physical challenges to preschool to ESL and literacy. See the Events tab for the schedule and more information.




Spring and fall sessions last 8 weeks.

Fees charged are for the 8-week session, not per class. Currently the cost for a session is $216.

One week of make-up lesson times are set at the end of each session. Only 1 make-up lesson is offered per rider for each session. If the rider misses more than 1 class in a session the remaining classes will not be made up.

Yearly paperwork and fees are due 2 weeks before the beginning of the session.

Scholarship applications are due by February 15 for Spring session and August 1 for Fall session.

For forms, click Riders or Volunteers and follow the instuctions provided. 

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