Appalachian Therapeutic Riding Center
Appalachian Therapeutic Riding Center 

                 ATRC BBQ NOT AT THE BARN, TAKE 2

                    Please join us for a DRIVE THROUGH BBQ on

                       Saturday, September 25 from 4:30-6:00

                   First come, first serve. No reservation required.

  $20/plate for homemade BBQ, sauce, beans, slaw, cornbread and a brownie.

                    Vegetarian and gluten free options available.     

            You can also purchase ATRC's new long sleeve T-shirts.

             *All meals will be take out and can be picked up in

                the parking lot of Micaville Presbytarian Church. 





ATRC is a premier accredited center with PATH International.



Programs/ Forms

Forms are due 2 weeks before session. Note:  scholarship form is due 4 weeks before session.

Upcoming Events

Fall session is currently on hold until the local COVID numbers go down.

Contact Miika at:

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From a program director:

I could tell immediately when he had been with the horses. He was calmer and more centered. This has made a huge difference in his life and he is much happier.


From the director of a cooperating non-profit:

Shortbus needs safe work opportunities for artists. ATRC gets a grant for vocational training/workers. ATRC hires Shortbus artists. They learn skills while doing a great job. Shortbus is happy. ATRC is happy. The artists are happy. The horses are happy. Everyone wins.  (Click to see Shortbus participants in action.)


From a parent:

Our son LOVES riding and the horses really calm him down. When our son is having a panic attack we try to bring him back by talking about the horses. Omar is a saving grace! When our son is lost in anxiety, us talking about details about Omar, has helped our son to slow his breathing and come back in his body.     


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